Therapy With Brittney

Hey, I'm Brittney!

I've spent my career learning the obstacles between mothers and daughters.

Growing up, I watched the women in my family and studied how they came to be.

I questioned how my mom became who she is today, while other women in my family struggled.

How did growing up in poverty, create a mother whose life became so different? I help other women understand their specific family dynamics. I help mothers understand their teen daughters..

The only goal I have is to make sure you feel totally safe and respected during your hour with me. I want you to walk away knowing where you came from and how it landed you where you are today. Your relationship with your mom directly impacted who you became and I want you to be happy with yourself, or work with me to change that. I give homework when its needed, I challenge you when you stand in your own way, and I cheer you on every step of the way. I want your life to feel so fulfilling because you chose it, not because it was handed to you.


Working with me

...means you get to make sense of the family lineage you come from...and learn how the stressors are obstacles blocking your path. You get to understand who you in reference to who you came from and what you want to do differently.