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We Serve Women

Struggling with anxiety, depression, mother daughter relationships, and life adjustments.

Silencing ourselves Hurts more than speaking up

We live in a society that even now defines femininity in terms of who we are as daughters, wives, mothers, and caretakers. Basically, who we are in service to everyone else but ourselves.

We are not taught how to value what we feel, want, or need, so we don’t have the words to get our needs met without being labeled as “bitchy” or “selfish”. In this way, we learn to squash down our thoughts and needs until we become used to silencing ourselves. Eventually reaching the point of not even knowing who we are anymore outside of what someone else needs from us.

Meet Brittney

I am the owner of UnShattered Counseling Services. I am a licensed professional counselor, LPC, with a background in working with families, teens, and women.

After 5 years in practice, I now serve women and teen girls only.

I started UnShattered Counseling and named it that to help you understand that life may have dealt you bad hand, but you aren’t broken.